Striving to Help Others Attain their Highest Potential

As a retired U.S. Army officer, General Cleckley began her career as a Private, rising to the rank of General Officer.
She offers experience in the areas of Human Resources, Leadership, Mentoring, and Diversity –
focusing on empowering and inspiring individuals to develop and reach their goals.
Her moto is “dream big, keep the faith and work hard”!  (Read More)

Keynote Speaker Topics Include:

Human Resources

Taking care of people through training and management in the organization.  It is about developing and insuring that policies are adhered to in a fair and equal manner to everyone within the organization.


Leadership is about responsibility and accountability.  It is the act of guiding, motivating and influencing individuals to accomplish the goals that are set.  Leadership is providing training of skills and abilities and opportunities for leadership development to followers to better equip them to go from better to best.


Mentoring is key to insuring that as an individual climbs the ladder of success they advise and provide guidance to others. Mentoring is encouraging and helping individuals to remain focused on becoming a future leader in their chosen field.   Mentoring is offering your skills and knowledge to others that will assist them in reaching their goals. It is such a rewarding experience to watch individuals work towards coming through the door of success that was opened for you.


Diversity is about dignity and integrity, respecting the differences of everyone.  Understanding and respecting all cultures through initiatives and programs that will strengthen the production and success of individuals and the organization.

Touched the hearts of the youth and adults while speaking at Camp Murray, WA. Her visit and words still sparks conversations from those who attended the event. A hero, survivor, leader and pioneer a must have to speak on human rights, perseverance and leadership topics.

COL (Ret) Michael Johnson

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